Studio Irvine

Studio Irvine is a design studio run by Marialaura Rossiello and Maddalena Casadei based in Milan, founded by James Irvine in 1988. 

After James Irvine’s premature death in 2013, Studio Irvine found its natural continuity in the figures of Marialaura Rossiello Irvine (partner at James Irvine Srl since 2009) and Maddalena Casadei (Irvne's right arm of Irvine for nine years). 

The clarity of James Irvine’s working method developed over the years, and his belief that the signature is not a priority in design, have fortified Marialaura Rossiello's and Maddalena Casadei's determination to secure a future for Studio Irvine.

James’ rigorous yet ironic approach created a school of design but also of life. Based on the idea of design inspired by attention to ethics, the ‘human factor’ and personal interaction (from clients to technicians, workers and consumers), Studio Irvine is instilled with a vision in constant evolution, rooted in the classics of the Italian design school but with a broader international outlook. The distinctively cross-disciplinary philosophy pursued by the studio, from the design of a bus to that of a pen, shows the continuing tension and curiosity towards all types and scales of projects. 

Studio Irvine continues to work with Amorim, Arper, Muji, Marsotto Edizioni, Kettal, Offecct, Phaidon… And it is also open to new design challenges in the fields of the product identity and brand consolidation for industrial companies wishing to approach the world of design such as Matteo Brioni, Foof.

Products designed by Studio Irvine

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