Marble on Stage


“Ballet and classical sculpture are so closely linked that the sculpture could be said to capture the dance in motion”. (Serge Lifar, dancer)

To reverse this perspective for a moment, imagine a Greek sculpture bursting into life, its perfect forms briefly abandoning their marbled fixity to be transformed into a dynamic lightness.

The curtain rises to reveal a performance of volumes and geometries, in a theatre with its spotlights on a subtle thread of graceful irony.

Such were the sources of inspiration for these two new projects in the 2017 collection, Ballerina and Place. In two very different styles, united however by the essential design and elegant form that have always been the hallmark of Marsotto edizioni.

Passion, refinement and superb craftsmanship remain impressed in the heart and mind. Like the voice and movements of a great actor’s unique performance, greeted with a standing ovation.

Costanza Olfi and Mario Marsotto

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