From the ancient Greek “shining stone”, marble originates from water, an essential element and source of life. For us it stands for unadulterated beauty.

In its endless mutating flow, water carries past, present and future, representing continuity but above all movement and transformation.A veritable spring of innovation, creativity and pervasive freshness, it ccompanies our ventures into new territories to be discovered and explored.Letting ourselves be pleasantly mutated and moulded by hitherto unknown, curious associations.

In this osmotic process, in this exchange of experiences and cultures and interwoven passions, the gifted purity of design encounters the wisdom and love of tradition, and technology.

Water intrinsically has no definite form. Yet from it emerges a panoply of shaped objects. Through “Into Marble” we are re-immersed in a profusion of emotions and visionary prospects.

Into Marble, the new installation created and curated by nendo, is a tribute to “shining stone”: a metaphor for our deep attachment to this material and our identification with it.
There ensues an array of compelling, calm and steady images. Motionless in a fresh dynamic equilibrium.

Costanza Olfi and Mario Marsotto

into marble
for Marsotto edizioni

A design for Marsotto edizioni’s exhibition space during Milan Design Week 2018. The idea for this space originated from Marsotto’s expertise in marble processing, leading to the decision to use marble for the pedestals, as well as the objects presented.

Since this exhibition showcases linear and sharp furniture, the pedestals were designed in contrasting rounded shapes that resemble puddles. The edges were softened and gentle ripples were added on the top surfaces to accentuate the soft appearance. Each piece was produced by a multi-milling machine followed by a manual polishing process.

Furniture pieces were placed on top of the puddle-like stands, creating an ambiguous expression that can either look as if the objects are melting into liquid or emerging from it. Moreover, some pieces seem as if they are sinking into others, like a bowl sinking into the table it is placed on.

By doing so, an enigmatic exhibition space blurs our perception of which objects are the main exhibits and which are the objects that are displaying them.

for Marsotto edizioni

Two side tables and a dining table designed for Marsotto edizioni, an Italian brand specializing in marble furniture.

Although the table top and the base are securely fastened together, the solid, heavy top plate seems to almost float above its “pointed” base, achieved by tapering the top of the legs and the underside of the table, it gives the impression of weightlessness.

The impression becomes even more distinct as the side table uses the base’s weight to allow for the top to be asymmetrically offset.

The collection utilizes the material to give off a contradictory impression between the natural heaviness of the marble and the lightness of the design.

for Marsotto edizioni

A side table designed for Marsotto edizioni an Italian brand specializing in marble furniture.

Two contradicting elements which are lightness and weight were mixed, which is achieved bycutting out a part of the tip of the legs in a shape of an arc so to give the legroom some lightness,whilst maintaining the inherent dignity of the marble. It was named “ballerina” after its appearance embodying standing on tiptoes.

nendo - Oki Sato

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