Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

For this year’s Milano Design Week, the Marsotto showroom has mounted an exhibition featuring “Largo”, the new collection of marble tables designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. 

A dining table, a low table and a collection of side tables of different heights make up the series, which draws its inspiration from the triangular plan of the piazza — Largo Claudio Treves — in which the showroom is located, and honours a rationalism set between a reductive approach and the force of material.

The coherency of the idea becomes the design theme applied to the collection:

the interlocking of the base and top is stated by the “visible” presence of a circular element belonging to one of the three rounded leg tops. Conspicuous in the design in fact are the triangular section of the legs and the slanting edge of the table top. This elegant and curious feature gracefully emphasizes the material chosen for this project.

The pieces in this series are available in five different types of stone — Carrara White, Marquina Black, Levanto Red, Alpi Green, Roman Travertine — and in two finishes: powder and matt polish.

Like all of Marsotto edizioni’s collections, these “Largo” tables are also part of a numbered series.

Marsotto edizioni and designers

 This collaboration with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby continues our careful and constant involvement of acclaimed international figures from the best of world design. Since 2010 their different voices and ways have contributed to the development of a collection of objects that are special in their design and in the wisdom of their realisation.

In the words of Costanza, Mario and Francesco Marsotto:

“As soon as we met these acclaimed London-based designers, we got on well, in a relaxed and like-minded atmosphere. Edward Barber’s and Jay Osgerby’s idiom and style — with their distinctive coherency and rigour, harmony and polished clarity — are in fact nicely suited to the characteristics and qualities of Marsotto edizioni’s world.”

Concerning their “Largo” collection and collaboration with Marsotto edizioni, for Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby:

“Marsotto is an incredible family atelier with a remarkable history and vast experience. Working in close contact with such esteemed craftsmen has opened up many project possibilities for us, Largo, therefore, is just the first.”

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