modular table

Available in the following natural stones: White Carrara, Black Marquina, Rosso Levanto, Verde Alpi and Travertino Romano, and in two different finishes: Powder and Matt Polished.

When placed alongside the wall the half module (A or B) becomes a console table and when two half modules are combined, they turn into a normal table. Moreover, by inserting a Joint module (60 or 120 cm width) the table can be extended. The length can be extended by adding further Split Joint. The tabletop comes in two types, a half circular and square, and with a unified width of 90 cm.

Design nendo - Oki Sato 2016

Split A (half circular) L 90 x W 45 x H 72
Split B (half square) L 90 x W 45 x H 72
Split Joint L 60 x W 90 x H 72
Split Joint L 120 x W 90 x H 72

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